Friday, May 4, 2012

Join #TeamPositive!!

Hey everyone! 
I want to invite you to join #TeamPositive! Now, you may be wondering what exactly #TeamPositive is, and i will tell you =D

#TeamPositive is a new twitter meme that i have decided to start. Things haven't been very positive lately, and i know that everything has finally calmed down and that it will eventually go away, but there will always be drama, and even if there isn't there will always be people out there who need a smile. So, it is time to spread the smiles!! Every Saturday myself and Ashley (from Fictional Distraction and her personal site Ramblings of a Red bird), and anyone else who decides to join in will be spreading the smiles on twitter. Now you're probably wondering how exactly do i spread the smiles? Well, there are two ways...

1. Every saturday if you see someone you follow is having an off day you tweet them saying something nice to them and put the hash tag #TeamPositive on the end. (or any other day if you wish)
2. You refresh your twitter and the first person you see you tweet them something nice with the hash tag #TeamPositive on the end. 

I know it will be awkward at first, especially if you do the second option, but i tried both ways last Saturday with amazing results. Almost everyone tweeted me back saying how nice it was, and i know that they probably had a smile on. I just ask that you help spread the smiles and that if you get a #TeamPositive mention, then please pass on the smile!

I hope that you participate and please make sure to check back by next saturday, because hopefully i can start doing giveaways for #TeamPositive. 

Now, are YOU ready to join? If so grab the button and stick it on your blog and spread the smiles every Saturday with the #TeamPositive hash tag =D