Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vote For Me!!

Independent Book Blogger Awards
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Hey wonderful followers!

I hope you have been enjoying the abundance of reviews and other posts that i have been putting up recently as much as i have. I am going to BEA this year and was unfortunately denied a free pass, but a wonderful giveaway has just opened up on Goodreads where the winner of the Independent Book Blogger Awards will get a free trip to BEA. I am super excited to be in the running and hope that all of you will vote for me =D

Thanks for the vote in advance, and i promise that either way if i win the free pass or not i will still be going to BEA and i will be bringing back tons of books to review and to giveaway =D

-Becky @ Book Bite Reviews

Voting opens April 10th so come back then and click here to vote