Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Author This or That?: The Childe By C.A. Kunz Blog Tour

Author This or That

Welcome to the fourth stop in The Childe Blog Tour!! In case you do not know what The Childe Blog Tour is i will fill you in. The Childe is an amazing novel by the mother and son duo Carol and Adam Kunz. They are having an amazing blog tour to celebrate the birthday of the first novel in the series, The Childe, and to celebrate the upcoming release of the second novel in the series, Dark Days. To really make this tour exciting they are giving away copies of The Childe and at the end of the tour they are giving away a Kindle Fire!! To find out how to enter to win a copy of The Childe and the Kindle Fire go check out Books Complete Me's post on the blog tour's details. Im so happy to bring you my contribution to the blog tour, Author This or That. This post is a compilation of this or that questions for Carol and Adam Kunz. They are really fun and the answers are very interesting. 
Hope you enjoy!!

Vampires or werewolves?
  • Carol: Vampires, love the dark mysterious element of them. J
  • Adam: Vampires, though I do enjoy me some werewolves as well.
Pepsi or Coke?
  • Carol: Coke, Pepsi is too sweet. J
  • Adam: Coke, Pepsi has a weird after-taste to me.
Zombies or Unicorns?
  • Carol: Zombies. When I was younger I would have chosen Unicorns but the show The Walking Dead has me enthralled. J
  • Adam: Zombie unicorns of course…noting would be better, hahaha!
Stripes or Plaid?
  • Carol: Plaid, stripes are so boring J
  • Adam: Plaid, stripes make you look bigger than you actually are.
Female lead character or Male lead character?
  • Carol: Female Lead, love those strong female characters. J
  • Adam: Female lead…not sure why, but I tend to enjoy a book with a female lead more than a male lead.
Country or Rock?
  • Carol: Rock but secretly love Disco J Oops guess it’s not a secret anymore. J
  • Adam: Rock, not a big fan of Country music.
Romance or no romance in books?
  • Carol: Romance, have to have some in my books. J
  • Adam: I’m okay with romance in books, but I’m getting tired of love triangles and this insta-love stuff though.
Winter or Summer?
  • Carol: Winter, live in Florida so mild winters. J
  • Adam: Winter, easily the best time of year in my opinion.
Ice Cream or Popsicles?
  • Carol: Popsicles, ice cream too fattening. J
  • Adam: Ice cream, I mean it’s ICE CREAM. What’s not to like?
Good or Evil?
  • Carol: Good, hate evil! J
  • Adam: Good, evil is too evil for me, plus I’m all for happy endings.
Team Antagonist or Team Protagonist?
  • Carol: Team protagonist that’s me. J
  • Adam: Team protagonist, I find it hard to connect with the agendas of most antagonists.
Dead or Alive?
  • Carol: Alive, but like the undead too, such a hard decision! J
  • Adam: Alive, because unless you’re undead, you’re just dead, hahaha!
Angels or Demons?
  • Carol: Angels of course, I love my angels. J
  • Adam: I will have to agree with mom on this one, but demons are interesting though.
Rain or sunshine?
  • Carol: Rain, love to curl up with a good book and read! J
  • Adam: Rain, it is the best time to write…creative juices flow like rain when it’s raining.
Go to work or Go to school?
  • Carol: School, I know I’m a nerd but I loved school! J
  • Adam: Go to work because not to brag, but I’ve got a pretty cool job outside of being an author.
Watch TV or read a book?
  • Carol: Read a book. J
  • Adam: This one is sooooo hard, but as much as I love to read, I’m going to have to say watch TV. I have so many favorite TV shows!
Write during the night or write during the day?
  • Carol: Write at night, with lights down low. J
  • Adam: Write at night, because just like when it rains, my best ideas come at night.
Read young adult novels for the rest of your life or adult novels?
  • Carol: Sorry, love YA but have to have my adult novels too. J
  • Adam: Easy peezy, YA novels…CAN’T GET ENOUGH!
Be a full-fledged Vampire or be a Childe?
  • Carol: A Childe of course, the best of both worlds. J
  • Adam: Ditto what the mom said. Being a Childe would be really cool…lots of perks!
Paranormals or Contemporaries?
  • Carol: Paranormals for sure. J
  • Adam: Definitely paranormals, though I do enjoy a contemporary novel every once and a while for a break.
Horror or Comedy? 
  • Carol: Comedic Horror, like Shaun of the Dead. J
  • Adam: HORROR, absolutely love me some horror! Favorite holiday just so happens to be Halloween.
Invisibility or ability to fly?
  • Carol: Invisibility, full of envy of Harry Potter’s cloak. J
  • Adam: Ability to fly…call it my Peter Pan syndrome if you will.
Ability to read minds or Ability to see ghosts?
  • Carol: I have seen ghosts so it would have to be read minds. J
  • Adam: Ability to read minds…not a big fan of seeing the dead. I mean it would be really creepy to just all of a sudden see ghosts.
Audio book or Physical book?
  • Carol: Physical book, have to see the words. J
  • Adam: Physical book because most narrators in audio books sound poopy. Plus the voices in my head make much better character voices that most recorded ones, hahaha!
Paperback or Hardcover?
  • Carol: Paperback, have nerve damage on my left side so hard to hold hardcover. J
  • Adam: Ohhhhh hardcovers, mainly because they’re so pretty to look at. Yeah they’re kind of heavy to hold, but they look much better on a shelf in my opinion.
E-book or Physical book?
  • Carol: Physical book, I’m old school. J
  • Adam: Nothing beats an old fashioned physical book. I love the feel, the smell, and look of a physical book. Plus our book has illustrations, and I feel they look way better in book form because they look more like the sketches that they’re supposed to be.
Buy or Borrow books?
  • Carol: Buy so that I will own them. J
  • Adam: I love owning my own books and filling my book shelves. Borrowing is fine, but there is something about being able to say that you own a library worth of books, hahaha!
Buy online or buy in a bookstore?
  • Carol: Bookstores, especially used ones. J
  • Adam: Definitely in a bookstore…LOVE THE SMELL OF BOOK STORES. Don’t judge me, but there is just something about walking up and down the aisles of a book store, scanning the shelves with a cup of coffee in your hand.
Romance or action?
  • Carol: Romantic Action J
  • Adam: Action with a little romance.
Model or no model on the cover?
  • Carol: No model.
  • Adam: No model, I like to visualize the characters without being shown right up front what the character is supposed to look like.
Common named characters or Uncommon named characters?
  • Carol: Uncommon names, love unusual ones. J
  • Adam: Uncommon names, except when the names are just plain weird and distract me from the novel. I hate when a character’s name takes me out of a book. 
Fantasy or reality?
  • Carol: Fantasy, love to lose myself, up to my ears in daily reality. J
  • Adam: Fantasy because who really wants to live in reality, I mean come on.
Stand alone or series?
  • Carol: Series, have to say that because ours is! J
  • Adam: Definitely a series guy.
Short and sweet or long and intense novels?
  • Carol: Short and sweet, hate to do too much deep thinking, hurts my brain! J
  • Adam: Short and sweet, because if a book is too deep and intense I find myself scanning the book with over-glazed eyes instead of reading it, and I really hate when that happens.
Zeus or Hades?
  • Carol: Neither one, both have their faults. J
  • Adam: Not really a fan of either because not only do both of them have their flaws, but they’re both kind of narcissistic jerks, hahaha.
Dogs or cats?
  • Carol: Dogs, we have three. J
  • Adam: Dogs, I’ve got two myself and love them to pieces.
Crazy cat Person or just plain crazy?
  • Carol: I’m crazy but I don’t know about the plain part though. J
  • Adam: Hmmmm, well I guess since I’m not a cat person, then I’m just plain crazy.
Read the book or watch the movie?
  • Carol: Watch the movie and then read the book. J
  • Adam: I would have to say read the book, because like I said before, I like to visualize the characters myself. Besides, most of the time the books are way better than the movies anyway.
Read a Super popular book or unheard of treasure?
  • Carol: An unheard treasure for sure. J
  • Adam: Since I’m usually the one that reads anything that’s popular at the time, I guess I will have to say whatever’s popular. I wish I could have more time to find those little unheard of treasures though.
Harry potter or Twilight?
  • Carol: Love my Harry. J
  • Adam: Sorry Twilight, but I have to side with the series that single handedly rekindled my love for reading, Harry Potter. 

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out "The Childe" By C.A. Kunz. Also be sure to comment below and check back to see if Carol and Adam have commented with the contest question for your chance to win a copy of The Childe and a brand new Kindle Fire =D