Monday, December 26, 2011

Question of the Moment 51

Are you the type of person who thinks "that will never happen to me" or the type of person who "expects the unexpected" and has a plan for most situations?

Im a dreamer, i think bad things wont happen to me, but at the same time i can tell you all the bad scenarios that can happen in that situation. I am a pessimistic dreamer. If i am scared or just really think about it, i first think of all the bad things that could happen in that predicament, but when I'm about to walk to my car i don't think to walk with someone in fear of getting mugged, or worse. There are some people out there, like police officers, who see all these bad things everyday and know what can really happen to anyone, so they are usually prepared for anything, but i dont think of action plans until in the situation or reminded that something bad can happen to me.

So which one are you? A dreamer or a realist? Let me know in the comments below =]


  1. Hi, Becky. Before being published I might have said that I was a "never happen to me" kind of person. However, since then, I now think that I am an "expect the unexpected" sort of person. It is because of this that I really try and tell all of the young people that I meet that I am living proof that dreams still come true.
    Thanks for asking.


  2. Awesome answer, and awesome mantra to tell people =D Very inspiring.


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