Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Friday!! 1 & 2

What's Random Friday, you ask? You've never heard of it? Well that's because its a new meme created and hosted by the wonderful girls at, Ezine of a Random Girl! The thing about Random Friday, is that there's no "format" or exact way you should write it (unless otherwise specified). But most importantly, the whole point of Random Friday is that they give us the topic and whatever pops into your head right after you read the topic for the week, is what you write down.

Sounds easy and fun right? And now you want to participate! Just click the photo or the link attached to their name in the above paragraph and you can get started =D


Last week i forgot to post in time so this week i am combining last week and this weeks answers into one post, so bare with me =D

Last Weeks Question:
What five books have motivated you to read more and made you interested in reading?

1. "Twilight" By Stephanie Meyer (made me start reading YA Paranormal)
2."An Apple For Zoe" By Thomas Amo (made me get more into horror and also give Adult novels a second chance)
3. "Forgive my Fins" By Tera Lynn Childs (Introduced me to/made me fall in love with mermaids)
4. "Hush. Hush" (Now anything with fallen angels, im down =])
5. Anything by Dr. Seuss (Seriously, who hasn't read and loved Dr. Seuss?)


This Weeks Question:
What book has the most tragic/saddest or bravest scene you've ever read?

I think it would have to be "My Soul to Lose" By Rachel Vincent, because when Kaylee is sent to the psych ward and her aunt and uncle don't come for her and she feels alone and abandoned i lost it. I cried my eyes out like a baby, because all i could think about is what if that happened to me? And also i had a friend named Kaylee and her parents used to threaten to send her to a psych ward, because she really was suicidal and she did end up committing suicide so all those coincidences together made me lose it again.