Monday, September 12, 2011

Question of the Moment 41

How do you feel about dolls? Are you afraid of them? Do you collect them? If they play a part in a scary story do they intensify your fear or does it not do anything?

I think i may be a tad crazy, because i am scared of dolls. Chucky, TERRIFIED of him, dolls in a scary movie, SCARED, dolls mentioned in a scary book, CREEPY, etc. So, yes i am afraid of them and they do intensify my fear in a scary situation, BUT... i also collect them. See, i must be crazy!! I only have a few, and none of mine scare me. Like i collect real, expensive, porcelain dolls. Yea, those super creepy ones. But, yea mine don't bother me. Someone elses dolls creep me out, but not my own. Very odd. I think it's because i got them all when i was little so i've grown up around mine and am still alive to tell about it so i guess we're cool =]

So how do you feel about them? And am i crazy? Let me know in the comments below =]