Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hello everyone,

As many of you guys know the school year has just started back up and seeing how im in college my past week has been CRAZY busy, thus the reason i haven't posted much this week, but that is all about to change, because i am going to be back on track this week and from now on...hopefully. I have been reading so i have tons of reviews to post and those will be happening all next week so expect to have two reviews everyday next week, plus any meme's that i do.

Right now i am going to write all those reviews and schedule their posting times and then do two of the meme's i missed last week which is Booking Through Thursday and Random Friday. I didn't get any new books before last wednesday so there isn't an IMM this week, but there will definitely be one next week and also im not gonna do Follow Friday this week, because i feel too behind for that haha.

Anyways i hope you guys all understand why i was so absent and believe me when i say im sorry and that im getting back on track =D

Hope to read some comments from you guys soon!
Becky @ Book Bite Reviews