Saturday, August 20, 2011

Read. Chat. Love. Read-A-Thon - My Experience

YAY!! This was such a fun Read-A-Thon. I really hope that they do more 24 hour Read-A-Thon's, because it was super fun!! Or at least someone else pick up on the idea that sometimes its nice to do a 24 hour one instead of a week sometimes =D I really wish that i wouldn't of had to go to work this morning so that i could have just stayed up all night/day reading like my plan was. Instead i go 2 hours of sleep for a 6 hour shift =D 

It was worth it!! I really wish i could have done the 24 hours though, because that would have been totally awesome. I didn't get super far like some of you speed readers. Im only about 62% done with my book, but still its something. I only got to do two of the challenges, because the other two were too hard!! haha 

But again SUPER fun, so happy i was a part of it!!