Monday, August 29, 2011

Question of the Moment 34

Have you read any re-telling books? Like Beastly being a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast? Do you like re-tellings or do you find that they always fall short of the original? Which is your favorite re-telling?

So far i think i have read about 5 re-tellings if you count the 2 Twilight parodies. I really loved all of them, except for the parodies. I think re-tellings are great, because they stick to the original storyline, but give it a new twist. It is easy to identify that they are re-tellings, but it is still acknowledged as its own novel, because it makes you think about things differently, or makes you fall even more in love with the story. From now on if someone tells me its a re-telling of a book or movie that i already love and its YA, i think i am going to have to read it =]

So how do you feel about them? Love em or Hate em? Let me know in the comments below =]