Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Experience At The Girls Taking Over The World Signing

As many of you probably already know, i attended my first author signing this past Sunday. It was the Girls Taking Over the World Signing featuring authors Lara Zielin (The Implosion of Aggie Winchester), Rhonda Stapleton (Stupid Cupid), Christine Johnson (Claire De Lune), Saundra Mitchelle (The Vespertine), and special guest Aimee Carter (The Goddess Test). Even though i only stayed long enough to get the book i came for (plus two others) signed and get pictures taken with two of the authors i still had an AMAZING time. The ladies were super nice, and very, very excited when i walked up. It was a very informal, meet and greet set-up and was the perfect setting for my first signing. I was so nervous on the way there, because for one i was traveling a half hour to go to a book signing for authors i never heard of and two it was my first signing ever.
I heard about the signing through The Story Siren who mentioned them in one of her IMM posts and thats when i looked them up online. Its one of the first author signings i heard of that was in Michigan so i looked up their books to see if any would peek me interest. They all did OF COURSE, but since i just got my first job and haven't got my first paycheck yet i could only afford to buy one and so i chose "Claire De Lune" by Christine Johnson. I took my mom with me so i wouldn't be all alone and she ended up buying me two others that i really wanted.
I ended up getting Claire De Lune and its sequel Nocturne, which doesn't release for another week or two, by Christine Johnson and Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell. When i went up to get Claire De Lune Christine told me about the sequel Nocturne and how its not even released yet so i HAD to get it after she told me that, then while i was talking to Christine, Lara Zielin was standing next her and told me about Saundra Mitchell's books since i told her i was into YA Paranormal. I almost got The Vespertine too, but i was cutting my budget close so i just got her earlier released book Shadowed Summer, because it sounded really really good.
Overall it was such a nice experience and i am so glad that i went. They were so so nice and very willing to autograph and take pictures. I will definitely attend another signing now that i know its not scary at all, so thank you very much you guys!! There are a couple more stops left so if one is near you GO!! You will not regret it, even if you haven't heard of them, look up their books and see if there is something you like. Thats what i did and look how happy i am.

Christine Johnson and I with her two novels "Claire De Lune" and "Nocturne"

"To Becky- Happiest Reading!" --Christine Johnson

"To Becky- Read More. Dream Big. Live Happy!" --Christine Johnson

Saundra Mitchell and I with her novel "Shadowed Summer"

"Becky- Believe in magic. It's real!" --Saundra Mitchell

Swag from the authors. (Starting at the top) Girls Taking over The World bookmark, Claire De Lune bookmark, Nocturne bookmark, The Vespertine bookmark, The Implosion of Aggie Winchester cover picture, a card with a little bit of information on The Vespertine's sequel, and one purple and one pink mardi gras necklace.


  1. Very Cool, Becky! I was very curious to see any details, since I have done about 5 events this summer. I'm glad to see and hear that you had such a great time. I hope that I make it very comfortable for people who come to see me. Thanks for showing the autographs that you received from the authors. I have signed about 50-60 of my softccovers already and I was curious as to how much others were writing.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. So glad someone enjoyed seeing this, and hopefully now that you've read it from a guests point of view you can make your appearances even better =].

  3. woohoo! glad you had such a great time! i don't know where in michigan you live, but there are some great signing happening there this fall!

  4. I live in Monroe, by Ohio, downriver but I travel all over Michigan for school and friends and sisters so if there's a signing I'll most likely go =) do you have any recs of where I could look for these Great fall signing =D?


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