Monday, August 8, 2011

"Afraid of Dr. Who" - First Ever Guest Post

Hello everyone and welcome to my first guest post. This guest post comes from Author Martin King who has made it his mission to write 100 guest posts on 100 blogs all in just the month of August and calls it #100blogfest. He has decided on the theme of childhood memories and today's is about being scared. I think it fits perfectly with the theme of my blog don't you think? Being scared... paranormal... ok maybe im the only one who sees the connection, BUT ANYWAYS on with the post!!

Today’s little story is all about being scared. I’m sure you’ve all got memories of those moments when your blood turned ice cold? Perhaps an older brother or sister told you a scary story or simply because you watched a program that messed with your mind.
As a kid, one program that used to freak me out was Dr. Who. Looking back, monsters made out of bean cans on wheels with a toilet plunger stuck on the front, or potato-head-man don’t seem very frightening. But at my age, I was terrified.
I would creep upstairs making sure all the lights were switched on, before very slowly looking under the bed, behind the curtains and finally in the wardrobe. Then I would jump into bed and pull the covers over my head.
But that is not the end of this scary tale – well it was to me! It caused me to have nightmares. One in particular I remember well because I would dream the same dream over and over. Is there an actual name given to reoccurring dreams?
In this nightmare, I would believe I had woken up in the middle of the night. For whatever reason, I felt the urge to sneak downstairs, be it to watch TV or get a drink. The trouble was, a witch lived at the bottom of the stairs. I know, how mad is that? You see how our house was designed, at the bottom of the stairs with the front door in front of you; you could only turn right into the living room. However there was a small recess to the left about 18 inches deep.
So I would creep downstairs as quietly as possible. I would only have four steps to go and there was still no sign of the witch...three steps...two steps. And just when I thought I was safe, she would jump out at me. I would run back upstairs as fast as I could and jump back under the blankets. This was all still in the dream, but this happened so many times.
Did you ever have any scary dreams?
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