Monday, July 25, 2011

Question of the Moment 22

Recently i have been hearing of a few books that deal with mermaids as their paranormal/mythological creature, and so i was wondering how you guys felt about this. Which bring me to this weeks QotM...

What do you think of mermaids? Do you think they are good paranormal/mythological creatures to write about or do you think YA authors are taking it too far? Have you ever read a book about mermaids and if so what book and did you like it?

My first reaction to mermaids was that i thought authors were taking it too far to create the next "big" paranormal creature. I thought it was silly to write about mermaids, because when i think of mermaids i think of Ariel, but as I'm becoming more and more aware of mermaid popularity I'm thinking maybe these authors know something i don't. I have read one book with a mermaid, but it didn't play the main feature. It was a nice warm up to the idea and I'm thinking I'm going to like mermaids =]

So what are you thoughts on these sea creatures? And don't be afraid to give YA mermaid related recommendations. Or any other YA recommendations for that matter =D Let me know in the comments below =]