Monday, July 4, 2011

Question of the Moment 16

If there was a boy that you found yourself attracted to and you couldn't explain the way you were feeling and you could feel that he liked you too, but always just acted weird and neither of you told eachother your feelings for each other what would you do?

After a certain point i would just have to ask him if he liked me. I wouldn't be able to keep doing the "look at him until he notices and look away" move for too long. I would make jokes about him being in love with me to see if he would admit and then just keep leaving hints until he came out with it, but if he still didn't after so long then i would just straight up ask him. I love all that flirting and getting love butterflies, but i would have to know after a while if it was all just act, or something real. I cant be strung along, i fall to easily =/

So what would you do about the boy you're love sick over? Let me know in the comments below =]


  1. LOL! This is a funny situation. My high school sweet heart (my hubby now) we were the same way. A mutual friend of ours got so sick of us going around each other that she brought us together and is like,"Savannah you like Johnathon and Johnathon you like Savannah. Just go out already!" I laughed so hard, and so did he. We talked after that and became boyfriend and girlfriend,then got married!

  2. @Savannah - Aww, thats such a great story =D I hope you guys stay happy forever!!


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