Wednesday, July 6, 2011


That title is what my brain has been screaming for awhile now, especially when i talked to my mom about what my questions are concerning and she said its totally do-able. So what are these questions you ask? I'll tell you =]

After reading/watching many of you share your loot from book conventions like BEA and ALA i have been very jealous haha. And so i was telling my mom about all the amazing swag and books that you guys get, and she told me that if i just found out all the information she would help me save and then i could go to one, never even thought it was possible for me, so now i need help, thus where my questions come from and here they are...

Do you have to be someone special to go to one?
Are they held more than once a year?
Are they always in the same place?
Are there more than just those two that i know about?
Which ones are the best ones to go?
Where can i get more information on these?
How much do they usually cost?
What does your payment cover?
Is there some kind of website that shows all (or majority) of the book conventions going on?
Where do i buy a pass?
Is there anything else i need to know, before pouring my heart into this dream?

If you can help me out at all with any of these questions then let me know =] Or you can email me at bookbitereviews(at)gmail(dot)com

If anyone else is interested in any of these things as well comment with your email and i can forward you any information i find out, maybe we can be convention buddies =D

Thank you guys for your future help,