Friday, July 1, 2011

Follow Friday #6

This Weeks Follow Friday Question:
ACK! Your favorite book/movie character (example Hermione Granger played by the Emma chick) just walked into the room! Who is it and what would be your first reaction? You get extra points if you include visual stimulation.
I know everyone is probably either going to say the same thing or "eww...not following her" but dont judge me!! lol It would have to be Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson (dont know if i spelt that right). I feel like he did a really good job playing Edward and all the other roles ive seen him in hes amazing. If i saw him in person i would hope i would just blush and maybe stammer a bit and just be really nervous, but normal. I HOPE and PRAY that i wouldnt squeal and go all fan-girl about him. I would do that after he left fer sure, but i hope it wouldn't happen while hes standing there in front of me. I could also guess that i would probably be drooling all over myself about his accent, ah boys and their british accents LOVE THEM.

Was looking for "visual stimulation" and came across this. TOOO ridiculous and funny to pass up.

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