Sunday, July 31, 2011

BBReview: "The Twin Dagger" By Zachary Henderson and Question of the Moment 24

Genre: Young Adult -Science Fiction
Publishing Date: April 28th, 2011
Page Count: 270
Source: Sent to me by the author
Format: E-Book

Description from Amazon:
Thomas and Shelley Barton speed through the treacherous hillside with the intentions and dreams of delivering a new addition to their family. Upon arrival at the hospital new dangers surface and a decade’s worth of secrets begin to be revealed. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. After the delivery of their first born son, a mysterious stranger appears with a dire message of the baby’s destiny.

With this being my first ever YA Science Fiction i was a tad nervous to try it, because it was sent to me for review, and to be honest my initial nerves were correct. This wasn't YA science fiction like time traveling, or something, but TRUE science fiction. If there was just a little more umph to it i would recommend taking off the "YA" and making it an adult, because some scenes were a little graphic or could become worse, easily. This science fiction deals with clones and mutations and part animal, part human experiments. It was just something that i was not used to at all. I could honestly see it become a movie on the sci fi channel, no joke. I honestly think that if it was a movie i would have liked it more, because reading science fiction just isn't for me. 

If there was more science fiction themes than thriller themes then i would rate this lower. I really liked all the other things that happened, i loved the characters and i liked the entire story line, but because i've never been a big science fiction fan to begin with i found those parts to be confusing and uninteresting. I kept finding myself re-reading parts to try and understand better, because it was almost like i was talking to someone from a psychiatric hospital. It was non-sense to me. Now, i do not knock ANYONE who like's this kind of thing, because I'm sure there are people who don't understand my paranormal fascination. If you like science fiction then you will LOVE this book, to me it was just ok. The more you get into the story the more the science fiction aspects come out and thats the only parts i didn't like. The author is great, he had an amazing idea for this novel, i just don't like science fiction. Any part with Demetrius i was totally lost and just wanted him to go away. I really liked the YA parts of it, which was really thriller and mystery to me. I watch a lot of cop shows like Law & Order: SVU so i really liked the FBD, learning about the inner workings and learning about the people in the Descent. 

I really liked the mystery and thriller parts of the story. I think Henderson did an amazing job with the story line and how he broke up the scenes. I could honestly see it becoming a movie from the way it was written. The only parts i didn't like were the science fiction parts, but i've never been a big science fiction fan to begin with. I thought i would give it a try to see if i could broaden my range of books that i like, but unfortunately i didn't. I honestly think that if you are into sci fi that you will really like this novel, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.

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Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ 3/5


Question of the Moment 24

Have you ever had conspiracy thoughts about the government? Do you think they hide really big secrets from us for "our own safety"? 

I do think they do keep secrets from us, like really juicy secrets. I don't mean things like where the weapons are located, but things like area 51 and presidency deaths, and cover ups. I don't doubt it at all. If Obama came on the news tomorrow and said we knew about aliens all i long, i would totally believe him. 

So what do you think about government secrets? Let me know in the comments below =]