Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BBReview: "Pretty Little Liars" By Sara Shepard and Question of the Moment 23

*Question of the Moment 23 is at the bottom*

Genre: Young Adult -Thriller
Publishing Date: October 1st, 2006
Page Count: 286
Source: Borrowed from local library
Format: Hardcover

Description from Pretty Little Liars Official Website:
Alison, Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer were best friends, until Alison disappeared. Three years later, the remaining girls, now juniors at Rosewood Day, are leading separate, but charmed lives.
After living in Iceland, Aria returns home sophisticated and worldly. Emily is champion swimmer, Hannah is the most popular girl in school, and Spencer's accomplishments make the average type-A valedictorian look like a slacker. But in Rosewood, appearances are deceiving, and when the girls start receiving mysterious texts signed by someone named A, the past threatens to ruin their perfect present. A claims to know all of their secrets-but who is A? How much does A really know? And what can four pretty little liars do to protect themselves from the truth? Find out in Pretty Little Liars.

After watching the first season and now getting into the second season and falling head over heels for the story line i decided to finally read the books. I figured that they would be better than the show, like most things are. Everything is pretty much the exact same though, so i did like it a lot. There were a few things that happened in the show, but in the book were way worse. The TV show is definitely made for families, unlike the book which has way worse consequences and actions. Even things where i already knew what was going to happen next kept me excited and surprised me along the way.

I started this book last night and finished it in 4 1/2 hours. The details are really good and the story telling is great. I really like how Shepard gave each girl their own chapter so it was easy to follow what was happening to who, just as if i was watching a show. The only thing was that instead of me picturing the girls Shepard described, which are WAY different than the girl on TV, i kept picturing the actresses from the show. I know this is very short, and kind of unspecific, but since i watched the show not a lot of things surprised me too much. I did hear that the show vears off the books path ALOT after the first season of the show so im expecting to be way more surprised in the books to come =D

I thought this was a really easy and fast read. I got it done in only 4 1/2 hours and thats including breaks here and there. I really enjoyed this novel a lot even though i knew a lot about the plot from the show. Im very excited for this series and cannot wait to read/watch more. Recommended to all!!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5/5


Question of the Moment 23

Have you ever had a friend like Alison? A person who everyone loves and wants to be, but is really a very mean person and is only nice when she wants to be? Are you still friends with your Alison?

I actually did have an Alison. Her names was Cori. We were best friends all through Elementary school and possibly would still be friends if i didn't switch schools for middle and high school. She was the most popular girl and everyone liked her and wanted to be her friend. All the boys thought she was cute, and she was very nice to all of us (her friends) but she also had a dark side. She lied to us ALOT, i called 911 once, because she called and told me someone was breaking in her house. She was lying. Now she's a high school drop out with a baby that her parents adopted, because they didn't trust her to take care of him. Sad, glad i didn't fall down her path.

So who was your Alison? Let me know in the comments below =]