Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Question of the Moment 6

What type of paranormal scares you the most? Why is that?

Mine would have to be minions of the devil. I do believe that there is a god and so i believe that there is a devil, so when the devil is mentioned it hits a little too close to reality. The thing is, though, that the devil's minions scare me more than the actual devil, himself for some reason. I think that is because the devil had a soul at one point, but his minions are of his own creation, they cant be reasoned with, they are just pure evil and that scares me. Now if any of these beliefs about the devil or his minions are wrong to you, im sorry if i offend you or seem dumb, but thats just how i feel. Also maybe its because in a lot of vampire novels the devil is mentioned, so maybe im used to hearing him mentioned, but not so much as the creatures that come to do his bidding. I dont know, i feel like this may be a little bit of a taboo subject and im very sorry, but this is just what scares me. Im not here to offend anybody or disrespect you, im just telling you what scares me =)

So, what kind of paranormal scares you? Is it that even though those vampires are acting friendly you still wont go near them, is it werewolves that scare you? Not being able to control your boyfriend when he shifts? Maybe its zombies, people coming back to life is freaky. Maybe its something as nice as a unicorn seems.

Whatever it is, this week wants to know!! So comment back and tell me =]