Monday, June 20, 2011

Question of the Moment 10

If you founda dead body, and the person who killed them had a "good" reason to do it, would you keep it a secret so they wouldnt get caught?

I honestly have NO IDEA!! I would want to, but i just dont know if i could. I would need to tell at least my boyfriend so that i had someone to talk to about it, but sooner or later that wouldnt be enough. I might be able to if the reason they did it was good enough and if the person who did it was close to me. But i just dont know. This is a hard question im asking myself lol

So what would you do? Can you keep quiet? Leave a comment below and let me know =]


  1. I um I um? yeah,,,I don't know,,I work in law enforcement,,so its kind of in my blood to do the right,, many scenerios,,and if I got right down to it ,,no i wouldn't cause everything does come back to haunt you..and you might get away with it for awhile but eventually someone will find.out..

  2. @Jennifer_After_Dark - I know what you mean. My whole family is in law enforcement so i had the same issues trying to asnwer this question. And its my own question lol.

  3. I'd probably tell someone, unless it was my best friend because she's who I would tell. But, yeah, if a lady murdered her abusive husband, I'd totally keep it a secret. :) But I would ALWAYS think that someone was going to find out and I'd be a nervous wreck about it.

  4. @Amy (ArtsyBookishGal) - The moment someone would ask me about it i would lose it lol. I hate lying!!

  5. I have a really bad conscience. But I think good reason or no, you don;t kill anyone. There are always ways to figure it out. Sooner or later it will come back to you.

  6. @Savannah - Good answer. I like that all the people who answer my question of the moments have morals lol.


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